S1E3 | The Sky, The Earth, and Pangu

S1E3 | 盘古开天

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Bilingual Transcript:

In the beginning, all was darkness. If you were to reach out your arm – you wouldn’t even be able to see the fingers on your hand!… but then again, there were no hands.  There was no you… or me…or anyone at all!


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 Yes, in the beginning, all was darkness. In the beginning, all was chaos. 


Now, our universe swirled in chaos for 18,000 years (一万八千年). And in that time, bit by bit, some of that chaos gathered into a glowing egg!


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One day, the egg began to glow brighter than ever before!  Suddenly, with a tremendous bang, the egg burst into a thousand shards of brilliant light! 


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When the light faded, there, where the glowing egg had been, stood a figure. Two mighty horns rose from its head, and soft fur covered its body. In its hand, it held a mighty ax. 


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This was a giant – and his name, was Pangu.


Pangu reached out an arm… and felt nothing – for there was nothing out there (apart from him). Then, Pangu wiggled his fingers before his eyes… but he saw nothing. For all was still murky and dark. 

盘古伸出一只手摸了摸…却什么都没摸着——因为除了他,世界上还什么都没有。盘古又在眼前摆动了一下他的手指头… 不过他什么都没看见… 因为一切依然还在黑暗中。

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So, Pangu raised his mighty ax, and he took a mighty swing! And just like this, Pangu split the chaos into two!


Cleaved in two, the chaos began separate: that which was light and clear (the Yang), began to rise and float. This became the sky. That which was heavy and dark (the Yin) sank...and this became the earth.


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Pangu worried that the sky and earth, so newly formed, might collapse into chaos again. And so he put down his ax. He dug his two feet deep into the the earth, and he placed two strong hands into the blue of a brand new sky. 

盘古担心刚才被分开的天和地,还有可能又合起来。于是,他放下斧头. 盘古把双脚稳稳的往地上一站,举起双手往天上一撑… 

And Pangu began to push… and push… and push.


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Every day, the sky grew 10 feet higher. And every night, the earth sank 10 feet lower. As for Pangu, he also grew taller, day by day, stretching alongside the sky and the earth. Just like this, Pangu pushed and Pangu stretched… and year after year, the sky and the earth grew further and further apart.  


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Finally, after another 18,000 years, Pangu stopped. He raised his head, and looked at the blue sky. He sat down, and dug toes into the soft brown earth. Pangu smiled. It was done. 


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And now… Pangu was tired. He had worked hard, and for a very long time. It was time to rest.  And so Pangu lay down on the ground, and sank into a deep sleep. And as Pangu slept, his breath swept over the land, and became the wind and the clouds. And as Pangu snored, his voice became the thunder. 


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His left eye became the golden sun, and his right eye the silver moon.


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His four limbs became the four directions: 东East, 南 South, 西 West, and 北 North.


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Pangu’s muscles became the mountains and valleys of our land, and the blood in his veins transformed into the rivers, lakes, and seas.


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His sweat and tears became the gentle rain that nourishes our land, and the fur that covered his body became grass, flowers and trees! Even the fleas on his body transformed into the animals we see today! 


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As for Pangu, he sleeps on to this very day, dreaming dreams of the world  he has made!


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