S1E2 | SECRET STORY...A Strange Stone

S1E2 | 秘密故事...奇怪的石头

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Hello Panda Cubs!  Today, I’ll be sharing a very special story with you, a story called《西游记》/“Journey to the West”. This story is very, very old… and one of the most famous stories in Chinese history! It’s also one of my favorite stories. Alright, ready to begin? Let’s get started! 



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Once upon a time, there was a deep blue sea. And in that big blue sea, there was a small island! A very beautiful island, with white sandy beaches that glittered under the sun. On that island, there was a mountain. On that mountain, flowers bloomed and sweet fruit grew…This mountain - was called “Hua-Guo-Shan”: Flower-Fruit-Mountain. 




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On the highest peak of Hua Guo Shan, that mountain of flower and fruit, there was… a stone. A strange stone it was: thirty-six feet tall and twenty-four feet wide!


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At first glance, it was a gray stone. Yet, under warm sunshine it shimmered purple, and under moonlight it shone a jade green… 


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Some say that the stone dropped from the hands of the goddess Nüwa, when she had repaired the sky. But all that happened a long, long time ago. Now, almost all had forgotten from whence the stone came. All we know, is that it was very, very old…


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 One day, something strange happened: the stone, it began to move! First, it wiggled. And then... a hop! And then…lighting flashed, and thunder roared! And with an almighty CRACK, the stone… split into two! 


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And from inside the stone, do you know what came leaping out? 



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 Why, something with two fuzzy arms and two fuzzy legs; one long tail, and a pair of curious eyes!


Can you guess what this was?    你能猜出这是什么吗?

Can you guess what this was?


 If you guessed a Monkey , then congratulations! You guessed right!


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However, this was a Stone Monkey - a shi-hou!  The Stone Monkey scratched its head, and blinked curious eyes… and from those eyes shone two beams of brilliant lights! That light shone so brightly that it shot straight through the clouds and into the celestial palace in the sky!


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And high in the sky, the Jade Emperor sat up with a start! With an imperious wave, he commanded his two captains, 千里眼(Qiānlǐyǎn) and 顺风耳(Shùnfēng'ěr) to find the source of the light.


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With sharp eyes that could see for a thousand miles, 千里眼(Qiānlǐyǎn) looked down and saw… a Monkey and a broken stone. And with ears that can hear as far as the wind blows, 顺风耳(Shùnfēng'ěr) listened to the Shi-hou (Stone Monkey) chattering down on the earth below. Returning to the palace, the two captains reported: “On Mt. Hua-Guo, there was once a strange and magical stone. Out of the stone came a Monkey, who’s eyes shone like gold.”

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“Pay it no mind”, came the Jade Emperor’s reply. “For what are earthly matters, to gods?”


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