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(  Meet   said dreamer! ^__^ )

(Meet said dreamer! ^__^ )

The Panda Vision

Panda Cub Stories creates enchanting tales, inspired by our Chinese heritage, for bilingual story lovers — young and old!

Like our newly launched bilingual Webcomic, crafted to help ya chortle your way to Chinese mastery;)

Or, like PearlA Chinese Mermaid Tale — for confident Mandarin speakers seeking to take their skills to the next level (by entering into an adventure of magic and romance… with some 成语 woven in along the way!).

And our first ever project: the 100 字 Character Stories, for artistic multilinguals ready to begin their Chinese Journey.


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For Panda’s Podcast:

For PEARL - A Chinese Mermaid Tale

I have a sophomore in high school who started to listen…she loves that there is an audio book with English Chinese written below and feels it is at a good level for her with interesting content. Thank you for this

— a High School Parent

I appreciate the slower speed and clarity of the speech in the story. Beautiful story and illustration!! It is easier to follow for my kids who are in immersion program (not native speakers). Most of the stories by native speakers tend to be at speeds that are difficult for kids who are not native speakers.

— a Parent

For panda’s videos:

Beautiful paintings! The panda cub for size comparison made me laugh, but it went by too fast (I had to pause to read.) I was so excited when the Monkey King came out, I was like "I know the Monkey King!"

— from for Panda’s YouTube

Beautifully told - your exposition, your videography and your beautifully gentle voice! Thanks a lot!

— from for Panda’s YouTube

Panda in general!