A Chinese Mermaid Tale

Written and illustrated by Linda Yi | Chinese Translations by 竻竻

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They called her Mei


She lived in a palace of coral and jade, deep in the southern sea. She was the youngest daughter of the dragon king and had eyes the color of a storm swept sea. Her skin glowed soft and pearly under moonlight. Long hair of silk - black as night - fanned and swirled in waves behind her, as she glided through the silent rooms of her palace of coral and jade.

The autumn moon was but a pale shadow in the sky when she decided to go. She wished to leave this palace of rosy coral and cool green jade, and walk among the people of the nearby village. For years and years, she had heard their songs, drifting to her in salt breezes and swirling winds, clear voices that cried of love and loss and hope…

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