Welcome, Artist & Scholar Pandas!

If you’ve made your way here, you must love how pictures (including pictographic Chinese characters!) tell us many different stories… as long as we’re willing to “listen” with our eyes:)

so, what’s this 100 字 Character project?

The story, dear Pandas, began at the cusp 2018. In the cold, chilly darkness that was Cambridge in January, we kickstarted our journey to teach/learn Chinese characters through art. Linda chose 100 of the most commonly used Chinese characters (side note: with 100 字 , you can read about 42% of modern Chinese!), and with the help of a 9 year old co-author, delved in Chinese etymology, providing stories and examples along the way*!

* for a brief methodology, and a review of the nature of Chinese characters, scroll to the very end of this page!

sweet! What can I take home?

Lot’s of things! Here’s what you can take home, this very instant:

Make your own “My Chinese Characters” Book activity

(Complimentary for the Panda Tribe)

Who for: the you artsy panda scholars who aren’t afraid of rolling up your sleeves and getting dirty! Build your own 100 Characters book (etymology provided by me, but illustrations provided by…. you!!). Access “My Chinese Characters” activity here*

100 字 Characters Ebook and/or Audiobook

who for:

Ok, so you’re not too keen of illustrating your own book. You want EFFICIENCY. Respect! Below, at your finger tips, lo —- ! Access to the 100 Characters Ebook and Audiobook.

Pick your poison - erm, I mean “cup ‘o wisdom”!

#Make100 Chinese Characters - Ebook (Fixed PDF)

Fixed Format Ebook (377 pages, contains 100 character paintings and many examples!)

Responding to your questions: Currently, this book is only available in a digital format (though plans for a hard-copy version are in the works). Responding to educator requests: you are welcome to print (pages, or in entirety) this PDF version to use in your personal home or classroom!

#Make100 Chinese Characters (3 book bundle)

This bundle contains 3 copies of the #Make100 Chinese Character book:

Woah! You’re still here!!

Well then, a SPECIAL TREAT for you, oh tenacious one….Panda Cub and I are planning on doing a limited print run of a CLASSROOM SIZE POSTER of the 100 original characters! It’s not available quite yet, but join the Panda Tribe (if you haven’t already), to be the first to know when this poster drops!

100 Character Painting POSTER:

02A 100 Characters Poster_small.png

… want this on your (living room, classroom, bedroom… bathroom?!) wall?

JOIN the Panda Tribe

(to know when this poster launches!)


Right. I promised methodology and extra explanations.

Here goes!

This project is for you if you are not only interested in learning Chinese, but also want to slow down and appreciate the stories and culture behind those characters you see! Chinese characters are beautifully intricate puzzles, little bits of meaning that fit together to create meaning. Understanding the origins and components of Chinese characters not only helps learners remember the character at hand, but will help them build and accrue additional characters in the future. (For a review of the nature of Chinese characters, click here.)