According to research, with a grasp of the 500 most common Chinese characters, you can read 75% of modern Chinese! In 2018, we kickstarted our efforts to teach/learn Chinese characters through art by taking you through 100 of the most commonly used Chinese Characters  – explaining etymology and providing stories and examples along the way! Going forward, we’re planning to cover the next 200, 300 characters etc! Our goal is to help you reach basic reading proficiency by the end of 2020... and become increasingly literate going forward! (P.S. meet “us)


This project is for you if you are not only interested in learning Chinese, but also want to slow down and appreciate the stories and culture behind those characters you see! Chinese characters are beautifully intricate puzzles, little bits of meaning that fit together to create meaning. Understanding the origins and components of Chinese characters not only helps learners remember the character at hand, but will help them build and accrue additional characters in the future. (For a review of the nature of Chinese characters, click here.)

All 100 Character Paintings:

02A 100 Characters Poster_small.png


 *Below, you will find differentiated resources to help you learn Chinese characters:

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