S1E8 | Pearl (2)


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Chapter 3– A Taste of Sun 


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Mei walked along the street, following the pace of the villagers who milled in front and behind her.  Her eyes fell everywhere, drawn to and fro by sights, colors... smells.  She didn’t notice the figure following behind her, taking care to stay just out of sight. 


A woman behind a cart to her left waved in Mei's direction. "A pretty kerchief for a pretty girl?" The woman pointed at the squares of fabric dyed indigo, green, yellow and red. "For yoursweetheart!" She called again. Mei watched as a pair stopped by the kerchief stand. The girl, hair tied in two braids, gazed intently at a red kerchief. The boy standing beside her gazed, just as intently, at the girl.  Mei smiled to herself.

这时,一个推着车的女人突然从小妹的左后方冒了出来。她朝着小妹的方向挥挥手,吆喝道:“好样妹妹,买个手绢啩?”这女人边说边指着手上那些被染成靛蓝色、绿色、黄色和红色的鲜艳的布料,又加了一句:“买个送给阿哥啩!” 她又吆喝了几遍,不一会儿,就有一对年轻男女在她的摊前驻足。女孩扎着两条麻花辫儿,低着头目不转睛地望着一条红色的手绢。一旁的男子则目不转睛地盯着身旁心爱的女孩。小妹把这一幕尽收眼底,转而会心一笑。

As Mei watched the young lovers, the man dogging Mei’s footsteps watched her through narrowed eyes. He watched as the bare footed girl walked past the ribbon vendor and stopped before a fresh fruit stand.


1b Sha creepy.jpeg

 The man following Mei was named Sha.


And Sha had a taste – and an eye – for expensive things. His parents had left him a small fortune when they died, but years of gambling and drinking – coupled with a distaste for honest work – meant that Sha’s fortune was much depleted. Sha attributed his plight to bad luck. 



But perhaps his luck was about to change… Sha squinted his eyes at the barefooted girl. What a strange wench, he thought to himself, wasn’t she dressed in fine rich silks just a moment ago?Sha rubbed his eyes, still bleary from sleep and drink. Last night, Sha had stumbled into an abandoned shack to sleep off a drunken stupor. When he’d awoken, he had noticed that strange girl standing just feet from his hut. Sha didn’t know how she managed to change her dress from light silk to dark linen… but he meant to find out. At the very least, a wench with silks was a wench with silver. Sha licked his lips and moved closer… 

但是也许他马上就要转运了!他站在暗处眯着眼注视光着脚丫的小妹,心里开始盘算起来: “这小妮子有点奇怪啊,”他想道,”她前一分钟不还穿着绫罗绸缎吗?” 沙揉了揉眼睛,怀疑自己是不是看错了。昨天晚上他喝多了,于是就跌跌撞撞地走进了一个废弃的茅草屋,在里面睡了一觉。而他第二天清晨一醒来就发现这个奇怪的姑娘站在离自己不远的地方。沙不明白她是怎么把自己的衣服从高级的丝绸变成常见的麻布的,但他准备把真相探索个究竟。不管怎么说,这小妮子既然穿得起丝绸,就一定有不少银子。沙一边这么想着,一边舔舔自己的嘴唇,一步步向前逼近。


As Sha plotted, Mei looked at the fruit laid out before her, marveling over the riot of colors before her. Her gaze slid over orange mangos which smelled of sun before coming to rest on some lychee fruit. The bumpy skin of the small orbs was the color of dusky rose. Some of the fruit still clung shyly to branches and leaves.  



The old fruit vendor squinted at Mei, his eyes half hidden under folds of crinkled skin. With a sun browned hand, he plucked a lychee from its bushel. He placed it into Mei's palm, indicating that she should give it a try.



Mei held the rose dusted fruit and sniffed.  A light scent – fragrant like spring. She broke open the lychee's shell like skin to reveal fruit flesh of translucent white. "Almost like jellyfish" she murmured to herself with a small smile of surprise.  



She popped the fruit into her mouth.  



Liquid tasting of honey and jasmine, with just a splash of lilacs filled her mouth. It was like tasting sunshine threaded through a clear mountain stream. Mei closed her eyes, savoring the taste ... Opening them only when naught but a dark smooth pit remained.  She carefully removed the seed, tucking it into the folds of her sea-foam gown. 



Such magic in a thing so small!



From her pocket,she then retrieved a cream white pearl, perfectly round and perfectly smooth. Pearls were common in the sea – Mei and her sisters would sometimes twine them into their hair. They were small trinkets, easily forgotten. 



Mei handed the pearl to the fruit vendor, a small token of gratitude for his gift. She regretted that she had nothing more valuable to give him in exchange for this taste of sunshine. The old vendor reached for the pearl, eyes widened in surprise.




Chapter 4– “Spring Chicken”



A short distance back, Sha’s eyes widened as well.  He had seen the pearl too.  



Sha bit into the fleshy ball of his thumb with yellowed teeth, and then bared those teeth in an oily smile. 



He moved to follow Mei as she began to walk away. What a lucky day to have found a pretty girl with expensive baubles. Sha liked pretty and expensive things. Why he couldn’t wait to – 






Sha walked straight into the gnarled end of a wooden walking cane, hard.  He stumbled, nose smarting from the impact.  He blinked angrily and saw, to his confusion, a small white-haired woman tottering about before him.  



“Oh dear fellow”, she croaked cheerily, “I do beg your pardon!” She swung her cane as she gestured, the end catching him squarely in the jaw. For such an old woman, her blow packed quite a punch. 



Ai-yah!” yelped Sha in surprise, as much as pain.  



The old crone squinted up at him, one eye milky with cataracts. “Did you say something, young man?”She leaned forward on her cane. Sha leaned back by instinct. 



“My old eyes are not what they used to be. Not a spring chicken anymore, as they say!” The crone cackled loudly. Sha stared at her, incredulous. And then he remembered: the girl!Sha whirled around, but she was gone.  He swore loudly and turned on his heel to leave.   



He needed a blasted drink!



Behind him, the old woman leaned on her cane and watched him leave, a small smile playing at her wrinkled lips.




Chapter 5– A Gift in Return


Mei had found a quiet spot and was examining her lychee seed. She wondered if she could bring it back to her sisters, after her 12 moons on land were done.  Perhaps she would plant it in her gardens under the sea. She wondered if it would grow…



"Maiden" came a voice from behind her, soft and rasped with age. 



Mei turned to look behind her, and saw an old woman with snow colored hair.  In her wizened hands, she held a pair of modest cloth slippers.  They were small and made of sturdy black linen. On their sides, someone had embroidered a pair of small white fish. Delicate white thread made the fish come alive, their bodies slender and supple. The fish tails flowed behind them, reminding Mei of the water gowns she and her sisters wore.


20 Shoes closeup.jpeg


 "A gift for your generosity" the old woman smiled up at Mei, nodding to her bare feet.  



“That fruit seller will not need to sell his wares for a year, after your gift”, she continued with a chuckle, as Mei looked at her in confusion. 



"Mei", the old woman spoke again,  "you will eat with me tonight. Come, take my arm and walk with me.  You won’t mind terribly if I lean on you a bit? My old bones…” She smiled helplessly up at Mei. The series of commands were given so skillfully, so endearingly, that Mei found it impossible to refuse.



It was only much later, that Mei realized: she had never told the old woman her name.



To be continued in Pearl (Part 3)

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S1E7 | Pearl (1)


The autumn moon was but a pale shadow in the sky when she decided to go…

The autumn moon was but a pale shadow in the sky when she decided to go…

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They called her Mei.


She lived in a palace of coral and jade, deep in the southern sea. She was the youngest daughter of the dragon king and had eyes the color of a storm swept sea. Her skin glowed soft and pearly under moonlight.  Long hair of silk - black as night - fanned and swirled in waves behind her, as she glided through the silent rooms of her palace of coral and jade. 


01 Listened to their stories.jpg

The autumn moon was but a pale shadow in the sky when she decided to go. She wished to leave this palace of rosy coral and cool green jade, and walk among the people of the nearby village. For years and years, she had heard their songs, drifting to her in salt breezes and swirling winds, clear voices that cried of love and loss and hope. 



Chapter 1 - Sea Heart

第一章– 海之心


The day she left, she combed her hair carefully. 



7 strokes from top to bottom,

7 times from root to end, 




Again and again, the fine green teeth of her fine jade comb disappeared and reappeared in the waves of her hair until - at the 49th stroke her black locks shimmered to her waist.

一下,一下,又一下 - 碧玉的梳齿在她的秀发之间跳跃着,直到梳满七七四十九下时她才停下来,把闪闪发光的秀发收拾妥当,任其停留在腰际。

A soft rustle made her turn her gaze to her chamber doors.



Her sisters entered, one by one, graceful and silent. They gathered around their youngest, their gowns whispering against the seabed current. 


02 sister scene triple_Resize.jpg


 “Mei”, they said to her, voices soft with sadness.  “Mei, are you certain?”




Mei nodded, eyes clear and mouth set into a determined line 



“Mei”, ventured her second sister. “You know nothing about the world of men.” 



“They are selfish, thoughtless and cruel”, continued sister four and five.   



“They've forgotten the dragons, they no longer see their gods”, said sisters six and seven - seven finishing the sentence that six had begun. 



“Mei” said sister three, and then nothing more. She simply gazed at her youngest sister.






Youngest sister.



They'd never called Mei by her real name, but always the endearment "Mei". Soft, sweet and quiet - always "Mei", always the youngest. 


Yet Mei had forgotten how many moon tides had come and gone, with her spending her days quietly in this palace of coral and jade. 



Yes, it was time to go – to see



“Yes sisters”, said Mei, her quiet voice steady. “I will see this world of man. I think there is beauty there too - not just the ugliness you describe. Yes, I will go.”


She looked at her sisters with her sea-storm eyes, and they saw that her mind was made. 



“Very well”, came the voice of the last sister to speak. Mei’s eldest sister strode forth, reaching into the folds of her deep blue gown. From her dress she drew out a single bangle, upon which hung a beautiful blue stone. She slid the bangle onto Mei’s wrist, and gave her hand a light squeeze. The blue stone lay against Mei’s skin, glowing as if lit from within.  



Sister two glided forth and, just as the eldest had done, took out from the folds of her redgown, a golden circlet upon which was a stone of ruby red. She clasped this to Mei’s wrist and it fell against its sapphire sister with a soft musical click.



One by one, Mei’s seven sisters glided forth, adding to Mei’s left wrist bracelets of jewels alight. When they were done, elder sister took Mei’s hands in her own. 



“Now Mei, it is your turn.”



Mei looked at her, unsure of what she meant.



“Close your eyes”, whispered sister two.



Mei shut her eyes. The pale sea light which filtered in from her chamber windows made patterns of red, gold and green dance behind her eyelids. 



Her sisters were singing, voices ebbing and flowing.  



Their voices blended, melodious, low, high, sweet, rich. And suddenly, Mei no longer heard – needed no longer to hear – what it was they sang. She heard only the sound of her own heart, beating in tune with the sea.  She felt a swelling in her chest, a warm tickling heat spreading to fill her ribcage, speeding down her arms and legs, rushing to warm her face… She opened her mouth wide, as if to join her sisters in their singing, opened her eyes and – 



Her jaw would have dropped if her mouth wasn’t already open.


03 Mei receives pearl.jpg


There, floating before her, was a large rose-colored pearl.





Mei reached out and plucked the pearl. It was smooth in her palm, and somehow warm and cool at the same time.  



This is your sea heart – 海之心–  elder sister said.


She motioned for Mei to give her the pearl. Elder sister then took, from the folds of her gown, a long thin needle of bleached fish bone.  She touched its tip and it blazed a blinding white. For a moment,elder sister’s eyes too seemed to glow. In one swift move, she pierced the needle through the rose colored pearl.  


A sharp ache nearly brought Mei to her knees. Gasping, she pressed the heel of one palm to her chest, feeling the spot pulse hot and cold. The pain quickly passed,yet the slight pulsing lingered, its presence oddly comforting. 


Elder sister threaded the rose pearl onto a fine silver bracelet. She put the last of the bracelets onto Mei’s wrist, speaking as she did so. 



“ 亲爱的妹妹,our precious Mei. Your heart lies with ours and ours with yours. Take our hearts with you when you leave this sea – with them you may travel freely to the world of men and with them you may stay for the passing of 12 full moons.  On the last day of the 12th moon, however, you must return to us.  You must not ever remove these sea-hearts Mei, not even once. For if you do - you break from your birth right, your connection to us. And when that connection breaks, so will you. Broken like waves that call upon the shore, gone like the foam that gilds their crests.”

‘ Sister of mine我们最珍爱的小妹,你的心与我们同在,我们的心也与你同在。带着我们的心,离开这海底,拥有了他们以后,你就可以在人间自由地生活,并度过十二次月圆之夜。在第十二次月圆之夜到来的时候,你就必须回来。记住,你千万不能把这些海之心从手上拿下来,一次也不行。如果你这么做了,你就不再是海的女儿了,你与我们之间再无联系,而你也会失去你的生命,就像涨潮时奔向岸边的海浪一样,就像海浪顶端堆起的泡沫一样,断裂、破碎、然后消失不见。’


“Remember – not even once.” 



“For if you do, you can never come home.”  



 Words said and warning given, the eldest daughter of the Southern Seas placed a gentle kiss upon Mei's forehead. One by one, Mei's seven sisters kissed their youngest, and one by one they turned to go.  



Mei watched as their colorful gowns whispered out of sight.




Chapter 2 - Coming Ashore

第二章 - 上岸 


Mei set off at dawn. The eastern sun kissed the sky awake in a wild blush of rose and peach. 



She stepped from the 海水, beads of sea water still clinging to her skin. 



Mei turned to smile into the sun. It rested warm rays atop her head and kissed the tip of her nose, her cheeks.  The land was waking and she was finally here.  She began walking, long hair blowing in the sea breeze. 



The 8 bracelets on her wrist jostled with tinkling music.





She walked towards the sound of children laughing, of people clamoring. Her bare feet appeared and disappeared beneath the sweeping folds of her gown. Soft and light, it flowed from her body like water. Before long, she had reached the market. 

她听到孩子们嬉闹的笑声,便朝着声音传来的方向走去,钻进了喧嚣的人群。她光着脚踏在地面上,步伐轻盈矫健,宛如潺潺的流水。不久,她就到达了菜市场 。

04 Market 3 panels.png



There were vendors, young and old. Skin browned by the sun, they lined the street. 



They shouted, to each other and over each other, in loud throaty voices of the quality of their goods. Their voices overlapped and folded, and then folded around Mei - drawing her into the crowded street.



 A few people looked at Mei, and then looked again. Their curious gazes lingered on her oddly colored gown, her bare feet. Mei felt a blush creep up her cheeks. She saw a nearby wall, and ducked behind it. She leaned against the rough stones, suddenly unsure of herself, 不知所措. 

很快,小妹便发现周围的人都好奇地打量着她。他们的目光停留在她的光脚,还有她那奇怪的长袍上。小妹一下子脸红了。她瞥见近处有一面墙,于是慌忙躲到了墙的后面。她靠着粗糙的石墙,suddenly unsure of herself,有些不知所措了起来。


Mei cast a furtive look about her. There was no one about, only a ramshackle abandoned hut.  




She closed her eyes and pictured one of the village girls from the market. Holding the image of the village girl’s dress in her mind, Mei ran her fingers down the side of her sea foam gown. 



As she did so, her dress began to change.  The light color darkened and the fabric became heavier.  When it rubbed rough against her skin, Mei open her eyes and looked down.  She gave a satisfied nod. She looked now as she meant to, except… 



Her bare toes wiggled in the dirt. 







She had only ever been able perform transformations, had never quite mastered creation. Mei crinkled her nose at her own bare feet.



This would have to do…




And with that, she ducked back out from behind the wall and rejoined the market.  




A moment later, a figure emerged from the seemingly abandoned shack. It slunk off in the direction Mei had gone.



He had seen, quite clearly, the entire thing.



To be continued in Pearl (Part 2)

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S1E6 | Lantern Festival Legend


A long, long time ago – the world was a dangerous place. The 山were full of ferocious beasts (like the terrible Nian, with its sharp gnashing teeth)!  Unlucky villagers, who wandered too far into the mountains, would be gobbled up alive!

很久很久以前,我们生活的世界是个非常危险的地方!山里有很多凶猛的野兽。(比如一只名叫“年”的尖牙利齿的怪兽!)不幸的村民们, 如果不小心走进了深山老林,就会被猛兽活活吞掉!

 Finally, the people of the village had had enough. They fashioned bows and arrows out of bamboo, and set out into the 山. It was time to hunt monsters!




While the people in the village were making their bows and arrows, a snowy white crane was preening its feathers, high up in the clouds! This was a beautiful bird – a magical bird. It had lived its entire life in the cloud gardens in the sky, and was a favorite of the Jade Emperor – the ruler of the heavens above.


As day became night, the heavenly crane decided to leave the garden, and to explore the skies beyond its home. The sun was beginning to set in the west, and the sky was changing into oranges and pinks. As the crane flew, it stretched out its wings… and admired how its white feathers glowed pink under the setting sun! 

那天傍晚,西边的太阳快要落山了,天空也被霞光映成了美丽的橙色和粉红色。这只仙鹤决定要离开花园, 去看看外面的世界。它飞啊飞啊,一边拍打着翅膀,一边欣赏着自己洁白的羽毛慢慢被夕阳涂上粉色的光!

As the crane flew on, the pink sky darkened… there was a flash of lightning, and a rumble of thunder. Suddenly,heavy rain began to pour – heaving drops beating against the crane! Caught by surprise, the crane began to fly downward, towards the misty mountains down below…


Perhaps it could find shelter in a mountain cave?




In the mountains below, the villagers had been caught in the rain – and had taken shelter in a nearby cave.


They glanced out, towards the sky, and were terrified to see a dark shape flying straight at them!



Monster!” Somebody shrieked. 

“妖怪!“ 一个人尖叫道!

“Shoot it down! shouted another. 

““把它射下来!“ 另一个人喝到。 

And so the villagers lifted their bows… and fired their arrows!



Arrows flew – and one of them struck the white crane in its wing! The crane tumbled from the sky, and landed with a thud… right in front of the villagers! “Is the monster dead?” somebody asked. “Don’t think this is a monster”, said another. “It’s  hurt – come, lets bring it back to the village”. And so,the villagers picked up the injured crane, and hurried down the mountain.

箭飞了出去,射中了仙鹤的翅膀!那仙鹤从天空中坠落下来,咚的一声掉在村民的面前。“妖怪死了吗?”有人问道. “好像不是妖怪哦…”另一个人说. “它受伤了!来,我们把它带回村里吧”。于是,村民们抱起受伤的仙鹤,急匆匆地下了山。



As all this was happening, the Jade Emperor was strolling through the cloud gardens behind his palace in the sky. As he walked… he frowned. Something was missing. 


 “Where is the white crane?” the Jade Emperor asked. “Why hasn’t it come?”


The Jade Emperor called for his two captains, 千里眼(Qiānlǐyǎn) and 顺风耳(Shùnfēng'ěr),  to find the white crane. With ears that can hear as far as the wind blows, 顺风耳(Shùnfēng'ěr) pricked up his ears... and heard a voice from the misty mountains below. “Is the monster dead?” 

玉帝便命千里眼、顺风耳去找那只白鹤。 顺风耳竖起耳朵使劲地听…听得人间山中传来一个人的声音:“妖怪死了吗?”

 And then, with sharp eyes that could see for a thousand miles,  千里眼(Qiānlǐyǎn) looked down to the earth and saw… a group of villagers carrying bows and arrows… and a single white crane. 


Thus, 千里眼(Qiānlǐyǎn) and 顺风耳(Shùnfēng'ěr) reported back to the Jade Emperor: human villagers in the land below called your crane a monster, and shot it dead.  

于是,千里眼和顺风耳禀报玉帝说: “人间的村民把您的仙鹤当成妖怪射死了!” 

The Jade Emperor was furious! 



Believing that his favorite crane had been killed, he commanded: On the 15th day of the new lunar year, his armies would rain fire down on the village below. 


“Burn them!”


Thundered the Jade Emperor, “until not a single house, not a single person, and not a single blade of grass shall remain!”  

玉帝喝到, ”一座房子、一个人、一根草都不能留!“



Startled by her father’s fury, the Jade princess slipped silently from the Jade palace. She rode a silver moonbeam down to the village below!  At first villagers were awed by the beautiful maiden who appeared before them – with starlight twinkling in her hair. But, when the Jade Princess spoke, their eyes widened in fear.

玉帝的女儿被父王吓了一跳,便悄悄地离开了天宫。她驾着月光,来到了村庄里。一开始, 村民们被这位突然出现的少女给迷住了– 她真美呀,连头发里都闪着星星!不过,当玉女开口说话时,村民们睁大了眼睛,开始害怕起来。

The Princess said:


 “My father, Yu-Di,is angry that you have killed his favorite crane. On zheng-yue-shi-wu, heavenly fire will rain down on this village, until not a single blade of grass remains.  “Oh no!”The villagers gasped, “what shall we do?!” They cried. 

“你们杀了玉帝心爱的仙鹤,他非常愤怒。正月十五那天,会有大火降临在你们这里,把村子烧得一根草也不剩。“完了,完了!“ 村民们惊恐万分,“我们可怎么办呢?”他们哭喊到。

“But, but – “ came a child’s voice. “But the crane is not dead!” 


The Jade Princess looked down, and saw a young girl. In one hand, she held a bucket of water. In the other hand, she carried a small, glowing lantern. “I’ve just gone to get some water for the crane”, said the girl to the princess. “It is resting now.”


The Jade Princess gazed at the girl… and gave a slight smile. Then, she turned back to the villagers and said: “Even if you did not kill the crane, harming a heavenly creature is still a serious crime.” “Still, I can see you carry no evil in your hearts. So, I offer you these words before I go: the way to save you all… lies in the hands of a child. “ And with that, the Jade Princess vanished.


“ A 孩子?!””What does it mean?” the villagers cried. 

“一个child?!”,  “这话什么意思啊?”, 村民疑惑道。

Just then, an old woman noticed little girl– still carrying her water bucket, and a little paper lantern. “I know what to do”, the old woman said. “Listen closely,everyone!…




The next day, the villagers made hundreds and hundreds of red lanterns. They hung the lanterns from every roof and on every street.  On the 14th night of the new lunar year, the villagers lit their lanterns. Then, they set off all the firecrackers – and the village was ablaze with light and sound! 

第二天, 村民们做了上百盏红灯笼。他们在每个屋顶和每条街上都挂满了灯笼。正月十四那天晚上,村民们把灯笼统统点亮了。他们又点燃了鞭炮,灯火辉煌,炮声雷动,热闹极了!

For three days, and three nights, the villagers kept the lanterns burning bright –


and in the evenings, the sound of firecrackers and bright lights of fireworks filled the skies! 




As for the Sky armies the Jade Emperor sent? By the time they flew to the village– all they saw was a blaze of red. All they heard was the sound of loud explosions!And so, they  flew back to the Jade Palace and reported to the Jade Emperor: “The village is ablaze and burning bright. By morning, not a single blade of grass shall remain!” 




replied the Jade Emperor, nodding his approval.




Dawn came and went, the sun was rising into a clear blue sky. And in the village - not one house was damaged, and not one villager was hurt. The white crane was healed (for magical creatures heal quite quickly!), and the villagers waved goodbye as it flew away into the bright blue sky…

新的一天,太阳又升起来了,而村子里,一座房子都没被烧毁,一个人都没受到伤害。仙鹤的伤势也完全愈合了 (毕竟,它是一只仙鹤嘛!)它拍打着翅膀,飞向了蔚蓝色的天空。村民们向着它的背影挥手告别…

And from that day on, on the 15thday of each lunar year (Which is the Chinese lantern festival, 元宵节), we would light bright lanterns … and celebrate the night the village was saved!


^This is the coloring page for the Lantern Festival Legend! Download  here *  *Note: Coloring pages are free for Panda Tribe  Newsletter  folk! Be sure to use your gift code:)

^This is the coloring page for the Lantern Festival Legend! Download here*

*Note: Coloring pages are free for Panda Tribe Newsletter folk! Be sure to use your gift code:)

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