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Awesome - your little one is beginning to chatter (or you yourself are beginning to master the basics of Mandarin!). These books & read-alouds will help you strengthen your vocabulary base!

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* This week's episode is a SNEAK PEAK! It's also chock full of animations and drawings! This is the first episode of a full bilingual retelling of 西游记(Journey to the West) retelling Panda and I are working on!

Once upon a time, Cat and Rat were the VERY best of friends... but no more. What happened?

Why is today's Mandarin storytime mostly in English? Follow along... and you shall see!

🍁Fall is a time for friends... and yummy treats! Join 小 Elliot and his best friend mouse in their fall adventure!

Little ghost is a little lost... can Panda help her find her way home (but not before some yummy treats!). A Ghost festival (中元节) and Halloween (万圣节) special!

Sometimes, we need a little help to see clearly... Douglas sure does!

Every Friday starting today, I'll be posting a Mandarin read-aloud for you little pandas out there! First up: Koko 和 Bo