Episode 12 - Getting Weapons 拿兵器

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When we left our story last, Sun Wukong had just defeated the Monstrous King of Havoc, rescued all the little monkeys who had been captured, and brought them safely back to Mount Hua Guo! 


Wukong thought to himself: If next time a monster comes to bully my monkeys, they’ll have to learn how to defend themselves!  Right then! I will teach them some Kungfu! Thus, the Monkey King ordered the monkeys to make bamboo spears and wooden blades. The monkeys were excited too! Before long, each was holding a wooden weapon. 


“Go forward! 上前!

Fall back! 后退! 

Strike! 打!

Block!” 挡住!

The monkeys trained with their Monkey King for an entire day! The Monkey’s asked: “Great King! How are we doing?” Wukong thought for a while and said: “You are doing well… but we cannot continue training like this. If someone truly attacks us, these bamboo spears and wooden blades simply will not do!” “Not to worry my King” said an old monkey. “Not far from here is the Kingdom of Aolai! Their king has a large armory! Why not go there and buy a few real weapons?”

猴子们跟着美猴王练了整整一天!猴子们问:“大王,咱们练得怎样?”悟空想了想说, “你们练得不错…但这样练下去还不行。若真有谁来打咱们,这些竹枪木刀根本不行呀!” “大王别担心”一只老猴说,“离这儿不远有个傲来国!他们的国王有个大兵器库!要不从那里买几件真正的兵器?”

“Brilliant idea!”


The Monkey King cried, and he was off! 

美猴王喊了一声, 出发了!

Wukong soared his cloud over to the Kingdom of Aolai, and saw the people below hurrying up and down the busy streets. Suddenly, an idea came to him! “Why go down there to buy a few weapons when I can simply cast a spell and take all that I need!” So Wukong plucked a handful of hairs from his body, and blew them into the air, calling:

悟空腾云驾雾飞向傲来国,看见下面的街上人来人往,热热闹闹的。突然间,他有了个主意!“我去买几件兵器,还不如施个法术,直接拿我需要的东西来得容易!” 于是他便拔了一把毫毛,吹了出去, 叫了声:



.The hairs transformed into countless tiny sleepy insects. They flew into the ears of the people of Aolai….and before long, the entire country was fast asleep!Wukong lowered his cloud, and swaggered straight into the armory (those soldiers standing guard were all snoring loudly!)。

毫毛变成了无数只小瞌睡虫。 它们飞到傲来国人们的耳朵里,没过多久,整个国家的人就都睡熟了!悟空降下云头,大摇大摆地走进了兵器库 (那些看门的官兵正大声地打着呼噜呢!)。

Wow! Row after row of weapons, too many to be counted!


Again, Wukong pulled out a big handful of hairs, and called “change”: and the hairs became hundreds of little Wukongs! They immediately leapt forth and began to grab weapons! The stronger ones carried six to seven, those less strong carried two to three. In a blink of an eye, they had emptied the armory! 

悟空又拔了一大把毫毛,叫了声“变”:那些毛又变成了上百只小悟空! 他们立刻上前开始拿兵器。力气大的拿了六七件,力气小的拿了两三件。一眨眼,兵器库都被掏空了!

12 Drawing.jpg

Taking the little Wukongs with him, the Monkey King leapt onto his Jindou cloud, and flew for Mt. Hua Guo. In mid air, Wukong gave his body a shake, and called back those hairs which had been changed into the sleepy insects. And from the ground one could hear the soldiers from Aolai began to shout: 


“Weapons, where are are weapons?! Ahhh!"


But by now, Wukong had already taken the weapons, and had vanished without a trace!


Hi Panda Cubs, we end our story here for today. Now, some of our panda cubs might ask: “Was Wukong right to do what he did?” What do you think? As for what happened next, we will continue our story, next time! 


熊猫宝宝,今天的故事就讲到这里了.有些熊猫宝宝们可能会问:“悟空这样做, 对吗?”你们觉得呢?以后的故事,我们下次再说!