Episode 11 - Return of the King 大王归来

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a note to listeners: this episode has a fight scene that may be scary. If parents would like to preview this episode first, the script is posted below. 


When we left our story last, the Master Puti had just banished Wukong


Where you came from, is where you shall go…


Eyes bright with tears, the Monkey hopped onto his Jindou cloud to return to The Mountain of Flower and Fruit. Ah! What a Monkey King! A trip that had once taken 10 long years passed by in a single somersault: for one Jindou cloud took Wukong back to The Mountain of Flower and Fruit!

美猴王只好含着泪, 驾起筋斗云返回花果山。啊!好一个美猴王孙悟空! 当年漂洋过海十多个年头才来到斜月三星洞, 如今他一个筋斗,就回到了花果山!

But… Something was wrong!


Black thunder clouds cloaked the Mountain of Flower and Fruit…and Wukong could hear the sound of crying! He shouted: "Monkey’s, I have returned!" At the Monkey King’s call, hundreds of Monkeys leapt out from the trees. Their faces shined with tears.

漆黑的乌云笼罩着花果山…悟空听到了哭泣声! 他大喊:“猴儿们,我回来了!” 听到猴王的声音,上百只猴子从树林里跳了出来。他们满脸都是泪。

"Great King, you’ve finally returned! We were afraid that if you still didn’t return, we would lose our home for good!" Shocked, Wukong asked: "What on earth has happened? Tell me immediately!"

大王! 您可回来了!您要是再不回来,我们可能从此就无家可归了!悟空吃了一惊,连忙问到:“到底发生了什么?快告诉我!”

The Monkeys replied:


"After you left, there came a demon who called himself the monstrous King of Havoc.


He comes in the clouds and leaves with the mist…and each time he comes, he steals our children to be his slaves!" Furious, Wukong shouted: "Where is this monster now? I will go rescue our little ones and teach this demon a lesson too! " 

他驾云而来、乘雾而去…并且他每来一次还会把我们的孩子捉去做他的奴隶!” 悟空大怒, 喝道:“这个妖怪现在在哪里?我这就去救我们的孩子,然后再教训教训这个磨头!”

"Great King", a monkey replied, "this monstrous king lives in the Northern Mountains not far from here…" Before the Monkey’s last word left his lips, the Wukong was off! In one leaping Jindou cloud, he sped towards the northern mountains.

“大王”,一只猴子答道,“这魔王住在离这儿不远的北山上 …” 那猴子话音未落,悟空已经翻了个筋斗,奔往北山!


Arriving at the Monstrous King’s cave, Wukong began to knock furiously on the door: bam bam bam!


Who dares to disturb my door? Do you not know who I am?


"I don’t care what kind of despicable monster you are", Wukong said, "but you stole our little monkeys and I have come to settle a score!" Inside the cave, the monstrous king gnashed his horrible teeth. He donned his armor, picked up a big iron blade, and stormed out of the cave. The Monstrous king saw Wukong and stopped short. He saw that Wukong had neither armor nor any weapons! The Monstrous King roared with laughter: Muaaahahhaah!

悟空说:“我不管你是什么破妖怪,你偷走了我家的小猴儿,我就来与你较个高下!” 那洞里的魔王咬牙切齿。他戴上盔甲,手里拿着一把大钢刀,怒气冲冲地走出了洞门… 魔王看到孙悟空,便停了下来。只见悟空赤手空拳,既没有盔甲,也没有兵器。魔王大笑起来:哈哈哈!

He pointed his blade straight at Wukong’s nose: "I was just feeling hungry for monkey meat! I’ll eat you first! Then, if I’m still hungry, I’ll eat those little monkeys!" Wukong howled with rage! "Demon! You want to eat? Eat this!" And with a great leap forward, Wukong aimed a mighty punch straight to the monster’s head!

他用刀指着悟空的鼻子:“我正好肚子饿了,想吃猴肉!我先吃了你,如果没吃饱我就去吃那些小猴子!” 悟空气得嗷嗷大叫!“妖怪! 吃什么吃?先吃我一拳!” 悟空猛地一跳,挥拳往魔王的头上打了过去。

Oh no!


The monstrous king blocked the blow! The monster king swung his iron blade straight at Wukong’s head. Quick as a flash, Wukong evaded the blade! He plucked several hairs from his body, BLEW them into the air and called:

那魔王竟然挡住了这一拳!魔王挥着钢刀向悟空头上砍去。悟空身子一闪,避开了这一刀。他从身上拔下几根毫毛, “噗”的吹了出去,然后叫了一声:



In a split second, those hairs had changed into a hundred little Wukongs! The little Wukongs surrounded the monstrous king. They jumped on him, pulling at his arms, tearing at his ears, and tickling his armpits! One little Wukong even grabbed the iron blade out from the monstrous King’s hand! The Monstrous King’s eyes blazed red with rage. He opened a blood red mouth to eat the little Wukongs whole!




The real Wukong roared! With the Monstrous King’s iron blade in hand, he aimed a blow straight at the monster’s head. Kaaaaaaaa! A flash of green light… and the monstrous king exploded into a cloud of black smoke, disappearing forever. And from inside the monster’s cave, several dozen little heads popped into view!

真正的悟空大喝一声! 手持魔王的钢刀,对准那妖怪的脑门砍了下去。咔*****! 一道绿光…魔王炸开了,变成一团黑烟,从此消失了。 这时,洞口伸出了几十个小脑袋。



Come, my little ones! Wukong smiled. I’m taking you home!

来吧,孩儿们! 悟空笑道,我带你们回家!

Hi Panda Cubs, we end our story here for today. What happened after the Monkey King Sun Wukong brought the little monkeys back to Hua Guo Shan? We will continue this story, next time!

熊猫宝宝,今天的故事就讲到这里了.美猴王孙悟空和小猴子们回到花果山后又发生了什么呢? 咱们下次再说! 


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