Episode 10 - Go 走吧

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In the previous episode, the Master Puti struck Wukong’s head three times, and walked out through the back doors. That night, all the other disciples went to sleep. Wukong shut his eyes, but stayed awake. The silver moon rose, and an owl hooted once…. Twice…. Three times… After the third call, Wukong rose quietly from his bed , and tiptoed toward the Master’s chambers. The Master’s door was open a crack.

上集我们说到,菩提祖师往悟空的头上打了三下,从后门走了出去。那天晚上,其他的师兄弟都睡觉了。悟空闭上眼睛,但是没有入睡。银色的月亮升了起来,猫头鹰叫了一次…两次… 三次… 在猫头鹰叫了三声之后,悟空悄悄地起了床,蹑手蹑脚地朝师父的房间走去。只见师父的门隙Xì了一条缝。 

“who is that outside my door?”


“Master, it’s me!”, Wukong replied “Just as you’ve instructed, I’ve come at the third call to study the magical arts!”



From that night on, the Master began teaching Wukong by the light of the moon, whispering secret spells and incantations.  “Remember, Wukong – you must never use this magic to show off or boast. For if you do, you will suffer greatly. “Yes, I know!” Wukong replied at once. After that, he practiced and he toiled until he knew the spells Master taught like the back of his hand. Before long, he had mastered the art of the seventy-two transfigurations: from the smallest of fishes to the tallest of mountains, he could turn into anything! Water could not drown him nor fire burn him…

从那天晚上起,师父开始在月光下向悟空传授秘密口诀。“悟空,记住 - 你绝对不能为了炫耀而使用这些法术…如果你那样做了,你会遭殃的。” “知道了, 知道了!”悟空一口答应了。此后,他勤学苦练,之道他把师父教的口诀背得滚瓜烂熟!没过多久,他便掌握了七十二般变化:从小小的鱼儿到高高的山峰,他什么都能变! 水淹不了他,火也烧不着他…

 One day, the Master asked: “Wukong, how well have you learned the magics I’ve taught you?” “I’ve mastered them all!” Wukong laughed “and have even taught myself how to soar amongst the clouds!” “Oh? Is that so?” The Master chuckled. “Alright, show me your flying then.” So Wukong leapt into the air! He flew higher and higher, until he shot straight past the clouds! After a few minutes, he slowly floated back to earth.

有一天,师父问:“悟空,我教你的法术,你学得怎么样了?” “我都掌握了!”悟空笑道,“我还自己学会了腾云驾雾!” “哦?是吗?”,师父笑了笑。 “好,那你飞给我看看。” 悟空便往空中一跳!飞得越来越高,直到穿过云层。过了几分钟,他又慢慢地降落到地上。

“Hahaha” the Master laughed. “Not bad, not bad! But this is not cloud soaring!”

“哈哈哈”师父笑了。“不错,不错 — 但这不是腾云驾雾!”

And so the Master taught Wukong the cloud soaring spell. Wukong recited the spell and leapt into the air – turning a complete somersault! And this one somersault, why, it took him–


one-hundred and eight thousand miles!   


Just like this, three more years passed. One day, the other disciples said to Wukong: “You must be very powerful by now! Why don’t you show us something marvelous?” Hearing them speak thus, Wukong was delighted! He completely forgot the Master’s warning. With a wiggle of his body, he turned himself into a enormous tree! The disciples clapped and shouted in glee, and Wukong shook his branches with pride. And then he heard:





It was the Master! When Wukong became himself again, the other disciples were gone. There was only the Master standing before him.


“Go” is all he said.


“Go where?” Wukong began to ask… But the master was already fading from view.


“Where you came from is where you shall go…”


The Master’s voice floated on the wind, yet he was no longer there. And no matter how Wukong searched, he could never again find the Cave of the Slanting Moon.



So Panda Cubs, this is our story for today. What is Wukong to do next? We will continue this story in Episode 11! 


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