Episode 2: A peach and a sound 桃子和声音

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Last time, we began the story of Xi-you-ji – Journey to the West! A story which began atop the mountain of flowers and fruit (Hua Guo Shan), where we met a monkey born out of stone!


While the Jade Emperor and Heavenly Queen slept on in their palace in the sky, down on earth, the Shi-hou, Stone Monkey was not sleepy in the slightest! The Stone Monkey raised its head and gazed up into the sky…and saw a night sky full of stars, glittering and twinkling, for the very first time! Stone Monkey watched the deep blue of night change slowly into red, orange, and pink. He watched the yellow sun rise from the east, and shine warm light onto a land coming awake. The golden rays touched upon gray mountain stones, and painted them purple. As the sun shone upon a large tree, the tree leaves became a brilliant green. And there! Among the green leaves:

当天上的玉帝和王母娘娘熟睡的时候,地上的石猴却一点儿都不困!石猴(Stone Monkey)抬起头,向天空中望去…第一次看见夜空中的星星✨闪闪发光。石猴看见天空由深蓝色渐渐地变成了红色橙色和粉色。他看见黄色的太阳从东边升起, 把温暖的光芒照在渐渐苏醒的大地上。金色的阳光照在灰色的山石上, 把它们也染了成紫色。当太阳照在一棵大树上,那些树叶变成了亮绿色。而在绿色的树叶中,有个 - 

A big, red peach!


The Stone Monkey leaped on to the tree, and plucked the peach! He brought it up his nose and sniffed… Ah! A light scent… like blossoming flowers and honey! The Stone Monkey laughed in delight, and opened his mouth wide…and took a BIG bite of peach! It was like a mouthful of sunshine, sweet and refreshing!

石猴跳上了树,摘下了桃子。他把桃子拿到鼻子前,闻了闻…啊!一阵清香味…像新开的花朵和蜂蜜!石猴笑了笑,把嘴巴张得大大的,咬了一大口桃子!像吃了一口阳光一样, 又甜又爽!

One bite...two bites...three bites!

一口... 两口...三口!

Just like that, the peach was gone! Stone Monkey was licking peach juice from sticky fingers, when he thought he heard something! Was that the wind? No, it was not the sound of wind whistling… Was it the rain? No, that was not the sound of rain, pitter-pattering down onto green leaves…What could it be? The Stone Monkey’s ears wiggled and his tail twitched! He climbed down from the tree and began to follow the sound down the mountain, into the forest below…

就这样,桃子吃光了! 石猴正舔着手指上的桃汁,它好像听见了什么!那是风吗?不,那不是风吹的声音! 那是雨吗?不,那不是雨水嘀嘀嗒嗒落在绿叶上的声音。到底是什么呢?石猴的耳朵动了动, 尾巴摇了摇…他从树上爬了下来,跟随着那声音往山下走,  走入下面的森林…

Panda Cubs, we end our story here for today. What do you think that sound is? What did Stone Monkey find in the forest? We will continue this story next time! 


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