Episode 8 - No Name 没名没姓

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上次我们讲到,美猴王来到了斜月三星洞。这里住着一位叫菩提祖师的神仙! 不过,洞门紧紧关闭。怎么进去呢?美猴王不太敢敲门,便爬上了一棵松树,开始玩耍.过了一会儿,洞门开了一个缝儿。从里面走出了一位仙童。

When we left our story last, the Monkey King had arrived at the 'Cave of the Slanting Moon'! Here lived an immortal, the Master Puti. However, the cave door was shut tight. How to get in? The Monkey King didn’t quite dare to knock, so he climbed up a pine tree and began to play. After a while, the door opened a crack. And from inside, out stepped an immortal youth. 


“Who is out here, messing about?”

美猴王立刻从树上跳了下来,向仙童鞠了个躬说:“我不是来胡闹的! 听说这儿住着一位神仙 -我是来拜师的!” “啊”仙童笑到,“我家师父是说外面来了个求学的人…想必就是你咯?” “是的,是,是我!” 美猴王兴奋地跳上跳下!“好吧,随我来”那仙童转身走进洞里。美猴王跟着他往里走,长长的尾巴摆来摆去。没过多久,他们来到了内厅。

The Monkey King quickly leaped down from the tree, bowing to the immortal youth. “I’m not here to mess about! I hear that an immortal lives here – I am here to seek a master!” “Ah”, the immortal youth laughed, “My master did indeed say that there was someone seeking knowledge out here… I guess that someone is you?” “Yes, yes, yes that’s me!” The Monkey King jumped up and down excitedly. “Alright then, follow me”, and the immortal youth turned, walking into the cave. The Monkey King followed, long tail waving to and fro.  Before long, they arrived at the inner hall.

只见菩提祖师端坐在台上。台下坐着30多个徒弟。“师父! 弟子来了”猴王大声的叫道。“哦?你是何人?来自哪里?先报上姓名来!”祖师说。猴王答道:“师父!我来自花果山,水帘洞!我没姓没名!

And there on a raised dais sat the Master Puti. Around him sat 30 disciples. “Master! Your student has come!” the Monkey King called, loudly. “Oh? Who are you and where do you come from? State your given name!” the Master said. The Monkey King replied, “Master! I hail from Flower Fruit Mountain’s Water Curtain Cave! I have no given name!” 

The Master’s eyes flashed, “Chase him away!” he shouted “Liars have no place here!” 

祖师的眼睛闪了闪,喝道: “把它赶出去!这里可容不下说谎的人!”


The Monkey King knelt down with a thump. “Master, every word I say is true!” “Humph”, said the Master. “There are two whole oceans between Flower Fruit Mountain and here – and it would take 10 years to journey here! What is more, who has no given name?” The Monkey King hurriedly explained: “I have sailed across oceans for more than 10 years to get here! I have no father or mother, as I burst out of a stone! No one has given me a name.” 


Hearing this, the Master was secretly pleased, thinking: “He really is a magical monkey!” “Very well” the Master said, “Do rise. I accept you as a disciple”. 

不过,猴王依然跪在神仙面前。“师父!请您帮我取个真正的名字吧” 祖师点了点头。他闭上眼睛,算了算。天上的星星悄悄地对他说:

Yet, the Monkey King stayed kneeling before the immortal. “Master! Please give me a proper name!” The Master nodded his head. He shut his eyes and calculated… And the stars whispered to him and said:

One day, this monkey’s name will be known throughout the land! And that name, is


Sun Wukong



And it was as if the Monkey King had heard the words of the stars! “Thank you Master, thank you! From today, I have a real and proper name! I am: SUN WUKONG!”


熊猫宝宝们,这周的故事就讲到这里了! 美猴王孙悟空接下来跟师父学了许多许多本领…不过,他学到了长生不老的秘密吗?我们,下次再说!

That’s our story for this week, Panda Cubs! Afterwards, the Monkey King Sun Wukong studied and learned many powers from his Master… but did he manage to learn the secret to everlasting life? We will continue this story, next time!