Episode 7 - Seeking an Immortal 寻找神仙

The Monkey King searches for a teacher...an immortal

The Monkey King searches for a teacher...an immortal

美猴王离开了花果山,他的那一艘小船带着他漂洋过海 … 一晃就过了好几年!在这期间,美猴王踏遍了北方的土地和南方的土地。 他访遍了东方的国家和西方的国家。美猴王遇见了各种各样的人!还从他们那里学会了人的话和人的习惯。

The Monkey King left the Mountain of Flower and Fruit, and his little boat carried him across the great oceans and vast seas… and before he knew it, several years had passed! By this time, the Monkey King had visited the lands of the North and the lands of the South. He’d visited the nations in the East and, too, the nations of the West. And the Monkey King had met all kinds of people! From them he had learned human speech and human ways。


可是,美猴王依然没有找到能教他长生不老本领的神仙… 所以他继续寻找着。有一天,美猴王来到一座高山前,山上大雾弥漫mímàn,森林笼罩其中。那座山似乎在招呼hu1,仿佛唱着一首只有美猴王才能听到的歌曲。


But still, the Monkey King had not yet found an immortal to teach him the secret to everlasting life…and so he continued to search. One day, the Monkey King came across a tall mountain, which was shrouded in mist, and covered by a dense forest.  The mountain seemed to beckon, as if singing a song that only the Monkey King could hear.




Aha! The Monkey King said to himself, the immortals must be hiding here!


美猴王遍走进了那雾蒙蒙的森林。走着走着,他开始听到一个人在唱歌——真正的在唱歌!一闪,美猴王呲溜地上了树,藏在树叶之中。他心想着:如果那神仙看不见我,也就不会躲着我! 没过多久,那唱歌的人走进了他的视野。一位女子一边走一边唱歌,偶尔随处停下来采草药和蘑菇

And so the Monkey King entered the misty forest。As he walked, he began to hear the sound of someone singing – really singing! Quick as a flash, the Monkey King zipped up a tree, and hid amongst the leaves. He thought to himself:If the immortal cannot see me, then they will not hide from me! Before long, the singer walked into view. The girl sang as she walked, stopping here and there to gather herbs and mushrooms.



With a whooping cry, the Monkey King leapt down from the tree, kneeling right in front of her! The girl was so startled she almost dropped the mushroom she carried!



“Respected immortal!” the Monkey King said to her, “please accept me as your student!”


那女子笑了笑:“快快请起来!”她说,“我可不是什么神仙!” “您当然是哦!”美猴王回答道,依然跪在地上。“若您不是神仙,您怎么会在这里,唱那首歌呢?” 听到这个,那女子笑了笑。“啊”她说,“说实话,这首歌确实是一位神仙教我的!” “他的名字叫做菩提祖师。他就住在这座灵台方寸山,斜月三星洞里!不过,这位菩提祖师一般是不收徒弟的。 你得找到他,他也要愿意才行!说完了,那女子向美猴王道了别,便走了。

The girl laughed: “please do get up!” she said, “for I am no immortal!” “Of course you are!” the Monkey King replied, still kneeling. “If you are not an immortal, why else would you be in this place, and singing that song?” Hearing this, the girl smiled. “Ah” she said, “truth be told, it was an immortal who taught me that song.” “His name is the Master, the Zushi, Puti. And he lives right here on Mount Lintai, in the Cave of the Slanting Moon!However, the Zushi Puti rarely accepts pupils. You will only find him if he wishes to be found!

And with this, the girl bid the Monkey King farewell and left.


“谢谢! 谢谢!”

Thank you, thank you!



The Monkey King called to her vanishing figure… and then he too hurried along his way. He made his way quickly through the mists, still following that music that only he could hear. Finally, he reached a clearing. There In front of him, a cave door! The cave door was shut tight. The Monkey King walked up to the door and was about to knock… when he stopped. No, he said to himself. The Zushi Puti will only be found if he wishes to be found. If he is truly an immortal, then he already knows I am here!


I will wait here!.



And so the Monkey King climbed up onto a pine tree… and began to wait.




熊猫宝宝们,这周的故事就讲到这里了! 接下来的故事,我们下周继续讲!

That’s our story for this week, Panda Cubs! We will continue this story, next week!!