Episode 4 - Leap! 跳!

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When we left our story last, the Monkeys had just found a huge waterfall! A mighty surge of water rushed downward, falling like a huge curtain into the clear pool below. And what’s more, from behind the waterfall there seemed to come a faint, but beautiful melody! What could it be?

上次我们说到: 群猴们刚发现了一个巨大的瀑布! 从瀑布的后面,似乎传来了一阵轻柔而优美的音乐!这到底是什么呢?

Panda cubs, let me tell you something! Monkeys are extremely curious creatures! If there is a secret, monkeys have to know the answer! They cannot sit still until they know! A little monkey pulled at a big monkey’s tail, and asked: “What is this sound? What is it? Do you know? ” And that big monkey turned and asked an old monkey: “What could it be? Elder, please tell us!” However, not even the old monkey knew what lay behind the waterfall! No matter how the monkeys guessed, they just could not figure it out!

熊猫宝宝们,我告诉你们一件事情!猴子是非常有好奇心的动物!如果有一个秘密的话,猴子必须知道谜底! 如果得不到答案它们坐都坐不住!一只小猴子拉了拉一只大猴子的尾巴, 问道:“是什么声音?是什么呀?你知道吗?” 那只大猴子又转身问了问一只老猴子:“到底是什么呢?前辈,请告诉我们吧!”不过, 连老猴子也不知道瀑布后面到底是什么!猴子们猜来猜去, 却怎样也猜不到。



The monkeys sighed, “ If only there was someone who could leap to the other side and then come back safe and sound…they could tell us all about it! Why, we would honor them as King! “ But, the waterfall was so far away, and the water rushed so powerfully, who would dare to go? 

猴子们叹着气。要是有谁有本事过去,跳到瀑布的另一边去看一看,然后安然无恙的再回来给咱们说一说…那么,我们就封它为王!不过,瀑布那么远, 而水流又那么急–谁敢去呢?

During this, Stone Monkey was thinking! Because he came from a magical stone, he could speak with nature! So he asked the wind: “Wind, if I leap, will you carry me over?” And the wind replied: “Yes, yes I will!” “Jump and I will carry you over!” Then, Stone Monkey asked the waterfall: “Waterfall, will you let me pass through?” “Yes, brother monkey, I will let you pass through,” replied the waterfall. Hearing this, Stone Monkey turned back to the other monkeys and asked:  “You mean what you say? If I can go to the other side and come back unharmed, you will really crown me King?”

这时,石猴盘算着!因为它是从一个奇石里出来的,石猴便能与大自然交流! 它问了问风” 风,如果我跳,您能带我过去吗? 风答道: 会的,我会的!” “你跳,我便会把你带过去!” 石猴又问了问瀑布: “瀑布,您会让我穿过去吗?” 会的,猴兄,我会让你穿过去的” 瀑布答道。听到这里,石猴又转身对群猴们问:“你们说话当真?若我能跳过去,不受伤又跳回来,你们当真会拜我为王?”

 “Yes! Yes!" the monkeys chorused. “If you can do this, we will make you our King!”

“对啊!对啊!” 群猴齐声回应道 “只要你能做到,我们就封你为王!

Thus assured, the Stone Monkey walked towards the crystal pool. He faced the waterfall and squeezed his eyes shut. He crouched low…




Panda Cubs, we end our story here for today! What do YOU think happened after stone monkey jumped over? We will continue this story next time!

熊猫宝宝们,今天的故事就讲到这里了。 你们猜猜石猴跳过去发生了什么?哈哈,我们下次再说!


Chengdu Panda Pictures (as promised!)

ok, this isn't my photo:) But SO CUTE right?! Source  here . 

ok, this isn't my photo:) But SO CUTE right?! Source here

One of the Panda's we saw during our visit!

One of the Panda's we saw during our visit!