Episode 3- The Waterfall 瀑布

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When we left our story last, the Stone Monkey had just eaten a big, red peach! Ah… how refreshing! How delicious! Just as Stone Monkey was licking peach juice from sticky fingers, he heard a strange sound! How curious! Stone Monkey climbed down from the tree and began to follow the sound down the mountain, into the forest below... As Stone Monkey walked on, the louder and clearer the sound became! Finally, Stone Monkey pushed past a thicket of branches and leaves … and this is what he saw:

上次我们说到, 石猴刚吃完一个又大又红的桃子。 啊… 真爽口! 真好吃!石猴正舔着手指上的桃汁, 它听见了一个奇怪的声音 …真好奇!石猴从树上爬了下来,开始跟随着那声音往山下走, 走入下面的森林… 石猴走着走着,那声音越来越清晰了。终于,石猴推开了树枝和树叶。它看到的便是这个:



Lots and lots of monkeys! There were big monkeys, and small monkeys. Tall monkeys, and short monkeys!  They frolicked and played in the mountain stream, laughing merrily! Before long, the Monkeys saw Stone Monkey standing by the river bank. They waved at Stone Monkey! Stone Monkey waved at them too!


“ Come over, come over!

Let’s play together! ”

" 过来,过来呀!


Stone Monkey smiled a BIG smile…and JUMPED into water to play with his newfound friends! From then on, Stone Monkey called Flower Fruit Mountain his home. During cool evenings, the monkeys slumbered under the stars. In the morning, after waking, Stone Monkey and the other monkeys gathered wild flowers and climbed mountain peaks. When they were hungry, they picked and ate apples,  peaches, and pears. When they were thirsty, they drank cool sweet water from the mountain stream…

石猴露出了一个大大的微笑,便跳入了水中跟它新交的朋友一起玩耍!从那时开始,石猴把花果山当成了自己的家。 凉爽的夜晚里,猴子们在星星下熟睡。早上醒来后,石猴跟群猴们一起摘鲜花,爬山峰!它们饿了就摘苹果、桃子和梨来吃。它们口渴的时候就喝又凉又甜的泉水。


One day, it was boiling hot! So the monkeys decided to go play in the river. As the monkeys played, a small monkey suddenly asked: “Hey, where does this water come from?” Nobody knew! An old white-haired monkey squinted, looked upstream, and said:

有一天,天气炎热。群猴们便决定去山沟中玩水。猴子们玩着玩着,有一只小猴突然问到: 咦, 这水是从哪里来的呢?没人知道!有一只白发老猴子眯着眼睛往河的上游望去:

We don’t know where this water comes from

and since we’ve nothing to do today,

let’s follow the stream up the mountain

and see what’s at the end! ”

" 这股水不知是哪里的水




So the monkeys began following the stream up the mountain. They hopped and they ran, chittering with excitement! Finally, they reached the river’s source… Panda Cubs, can you guess what they saw? The river flowed from a crystalline pool: clear, blue, and ever so deep! And on the other side of that pool, a mountain peak reached straight into the clouds. From the mountain peak rushed a mighty surge of water, which fell in great sheets and curtains, tumbling into the clear pool below! Tens of thousands of water droplets splashed and glittered like diamonds under the sun…

猴子们开始沿着小山沟往上走。它们又是跳又是跑,叽叽喳喳真兴奋!终于,他们走到了河的源头…熊猫宝宝们,你可以猜猜猴子们看到的是什么吗?那溪水从一个水晶池中流出, 又清又蓝, 深不见底。而在池子的另一边,一座山峰直穿云霄。从那山顶上, 一股泉水像巨大的水帘一样哗啦啦啦地往下落, 最终坠入池中的清水里。 千千万万个小水珠像钻石一样反射出太阳的光芒。

The monkeys gazed at the water in wonder. Stone Monkey looked on with the rest of the monkeys. At the same time, he perked up his ears, listening hard! For from the waterfall there seemed to come a faint, but beautiful melody!


What could it be?



So Panda Cubs, we end our story here for today! We will continue this story next time!


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