Episode 0 - What is this? 这是什么呀?

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Hi everybody! 大家好!

Welcome to 《Panda Cub Stories》 – my name is Linda. Before we get started, I want to share some basic information about this podcast with you. There’s a lot out there, so this is to help you decide if Panda Cub Stories is what you’re looking for。

欢迎来到《熊猫宝宝故事》- 我的名字是Linda. 在我们开始以前,我想先跟你说说这个播客到底是什么。世界里的故事成千上万,所以我希望这个介绍能帮你决定《熊猫宝宝故事》是否是你所寻找的。

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