… ok. Yes. Yes it is.

Panda Cub & Linda are trying to figure out how to make this… what’s it called… oh right: “FINANCIALLY VIABLE”. Spoiler: we haven’t figured it out yet! But, entrepreneurship is learned, not a mystical prowess right?

But since you’re here,

Welcome to the wilderness, intrepid pioneer! You are here witnessing the very beginning steps of this cub-stage business. Eventually, we plan to have:

Print books

Eye Candy (and educational!) Posters


Ebooks & Audiobooks

(^ok, we did get a head start on this one)

In the meantime,

Linda and Panda will do their best to keep creating enchanting and magical content for free, cutting their teeth in this creative hustle, and building out our audience! Which means…

the best way to help us

as artists, writers… and as a business is to help us grow our audience! A bigger audience means:

  • A feedback loop leading to motivation for us and better content for you!

  • Evidence to big scary publishers that, hey, they should help us print our awesome books!

So, put away your wallet (for now) and help us grow by joining the panda tribe! 我们一起加油吧!